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10/28/03 - 10/31/03
2 major X-class flares (X18 & X10), squarely Earth-directed, put auroral activity over a good portion of the Earth for three days. We were clouded out the entire time. Many people that had never before seen the aurora, did and of that, I am glad.

Been awhile since a show. My co-worker called at 12:30 saying the aurora was all over the northern sky. I went outside and WOW! The show was in full force and I resisted running to get the camera-I didn't want to miss anything. I had powered the auroramonitor off the day before and subsequently, it is back up. I had forgotten the beauty and awe of the shows. I suspect I am hooked for life. Thanks again, Brent!

5/19/02 (photos)
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Green and dancing, what a beautiful show.

5/14/02 - 5/15/02
I could see white streaks all over the sky. Came in the house, Jay was awake (very unusual that late) and said the radio awoke him. It sounded as though it was sending morse code. It's not a regular radio, it has a weather band and is pretty much always "on" in that respect. As I was packing up my gear to go take pictures, I noticed my cell phone was in analog mode. Checked Jay's cell phone, analog too. I drove 30 mins north, nothing. The clouds had moved in by the time I got back. Must've been a heck of a geomagnetic storm but there was nothing in the news about it in the morning.

4/19/02 - 4/20/02 (photos)
I could see white streaks zenithal. I walked to the end of the driveway and what a show I was missing! I walked up the road and it was all over the northern sky. Dancing and pulsating white lights, some green. I also took some pictures, in addition some past the Blaine airport.

11/5/01 - 11/6/01
Started with reds on and off all over the sky. A red line appeared that made an arc that stretched from the north to the south horizon. Later into the following morning a red corona appeared zenithal that had rays which seemed to touch each horizon. The color was mostly a bright red but also had white rays.

10/27/01 - 10/28/01
A fantastic first show. It started after we drove an hour north and then back and seeing nothing. We arrived home to see a large pink and blue spots side by side in the north sky. Once that faded there were rays, spots, curtains of green and off-white all over the sky. This beautiful array of lights danced and pulsated. The show went on for at least an hour and even after that didn't fade completely.